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Avatar Click and Drag Mini-game




My profession: blood bender

My affiliation: The Kyoshi Warriors

I will marry: Mai

I get cockblocked by: Toph

I live in: Kyoshi Island

And I have: no kids

Comment below with the results you got.



  1. airbender
    dai li
    misty palms oasis

  2. dathamster

    how does this shit work im noob

    • pocketwatchkid

      It’s pretty simple. You click and drag a picture once and read what it says. That’s what the shuffle is for 🙂

  3. Hannah

    Firebender who married Jet and lives at the Misty Palms oasis place
    we have octuplets. cockblocked by Zuko.

    this makes absolutely no sense and I love it 😀
    made my night.

    • pocketwatchkid

      LOL! I’m glad it did!

  4. Brandy

    I’m an earthbender. My affiliation? Oh, I’m only the leader of the white lotus. I am married to Iroh. I live in the southern air temple, and I have three children, which seems strange because my own husband, Iroh, cockblocks me.

    • pocketwatchkid

      LOL That’s hilarious! XD

  5. Vivian

    Profession: Earthbender
    Affiliation: The Dai Li
    Who I will marry: Aang
    Cockblocked by: Jet
    Where I will live: Ba Sing Se
    Kids: Triplets

    Earthbender? Dai Li? Ba Sing Se? Okay, that matches up a liiiittle too well. xD

    • pocketwatchkid

      Brilliant! I love these click and drag games XD

  6. Lydia

    The Avatar (how did I even)
    Ozai’s Angels
    I’ll Marry Zuko
    Cockbloked by Tai Lee
    Fire Nation Capitol City
    One Child

    At least I seem to have stayed within the fire nation, haha…

    • pocketwatchkid

      LOL Sounds pretty stable. Being the Avatar would be cool though. Disregarding the heavy responsibility of keeping balance and saving the world and what not, bending all the four elements would be great XD

  7. have you all check out the legend of korra yet… but best is aang in the flesh. Korra erm… think about it?

    • pocketwatchkid

      I have most certainly watched the episodes and have appreciated the season very thoroughly. I can only live in my own reality for so long (a reality in which Aang is still alive), but as you’ve stated, nothing beats the original. 🙂

  8. Lila

    Profession : Bloodbender ; Affiliation : Team Avatar ; I will marry : Zuko (*0*) ; Cockblocked by : June ; Where I live : Northern air temple ; Number of kids : I adopt.
    I like my results *-* I really enjoy these click and drag games ^^

    • pocketwatchkid

      I submitted more. There’s a Hunger Games one, a Pokemon one, And, if it’s still there, a One Direction one. Enjoy!

  9. Suzanna

    Profession: Healer; Alliliation: Kyoshi Warriors; I will marry: Sokka ^-^ ; Cockblocked by: Princess Yue; Where I live: Fire Nation Capital City ; Number of kids:1 I LOVED ALL OF THESE :V

    • pocketwatchkid

      LOL It’s always great to get the randoms you want XD

  10. JEM

    i don’t think im doing it right…every time i click and drag i get the exact same thing for ever single one

  11. JEM

    i don’t think im doing it right…every time i click and drag i get the exact same thing for ever single one

  12. Sinead

    Fire Nation, Team Avatar, Marry Zuko, Cockblocked by Sokka. live in Ba Sing Se with no children.

    This is the life 😀

  13. ira

    Team avatar
    ba sing se

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